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plural inflection, as with "meaning" and "kindness".  Such words
root is very close.  Here is an example showing how
any practical uses for this data or not, but English word frequency
the "putt" headword?  Since there is no way of knowing, when I
"fought" or "colonel").  Though these files were developed as a

lists and their features updated to release 5.

but it is credited with half the total count for the word,

based on powers of 2.  That is, the band of least
the Google data might be somewhat higher than the frequency in
more of the larger lists, but are now common enough to belon
frequency data extracted from the English language Web.  (See the

or were not important enough to list, when their previous editions were
the words associated with a single headword of 2+2lemma.txt, in all of
there.  As I will explain in the following paragraphs,
words and phrases obtained from various sources which seem to me to be

The 2+2gfreq.txt file contains exactly the same words as the
certain ambiguities - should the word "putting" count for the "
that this list is formatted as a collection of word sets, each set
spelling over a British spelling here.  This has some
around with English spelling reform.  One of the results of this
of it contains subject lines which appear to have been
under the Linux operating system) occurs more frequently on the Web
words which you might choose to add as appropriate to the other lists,
word, which you will find in none of these lists, but what it means is
other languages, such as "la", "el" and "en", show up in the Google
/usr/dicts/words for their input.  Keep up the good work, and let
data into frequency bands to be quite reasonable, and I'm making it


    projects, and I think it is unlikely that these lists will see any

    The list of related words contains three sorts of ent
    have been added, marked with
    the 2of12inf list not already in the 2of4brif list have been added.
    information has always been of interest to "word nerds" like myself,
     CAAPR is the Combined Anglo-American Pronunci
    alphabetically by headword, and a separator line was inserted between
    preferred for these lists to be in synch with the older 12dicts l
    frequency are two forms of the verb "to be": "are" and "art".
    advertising bias is illustrated by the surprisingly high frequency of
    both "grouped" and "Google".  Here's how it was put together.

    activity is the development of CAAPR and ABCD, both of which may be
    American English
    updated in the last 4 years.  I have been working on
    and in this form is likely quite uncommon on the Web.  The noun

    Conclusionsand consistently related words.  These suffixes are -ful, -ish,
    neol20xx file each time.

    god of war rather than to the unit.)  "art" illustrates the other
     Also, the new words from the neol2007.txt list (see "holier" relates to "holey" as well as "holy"), or tha
    the 12dicts lists, you can choose to ignore these words, or add the
    would have implied more significance to the data than is actually
    exaggerated, as the most frequent form of "us" is "US", a
    are towards advertising and marketing, computers and pornography.  The
    any practical uses for this data or not, but English word frequency
    the 12dicts lists, you can choose to ignore these words, or
    further inaccuracies have been introduced by my own procedures.  I
    appear that capitalization on the Web is random, or at least beyon

    No distinction is made of different meanings of the same word,
    further changes, except perhaps for minor error corrections.  However,
    marked with a % in the 2of12inf list ("Scrabble inflections") have
    "holier" relates to "holey" as well as "holy"), or that an inflection
    thereby ends up in frequency band 5.  (Not only are hardly
    Atkinson's AGID, described in the file agid.txt.  I place no
    by agid.txt.  I release neol2007.txt into the public domain.

    releases of 12dicts reflects the fact that lexicographers nev

    As I noted above, the existing 12dicts lists have not been


    to me ( and let me know what use you were making of

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