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cted from the English language Web.  (See the base

any practical uses for this data or not, but English word frequency

The list o
    slew -> [slay, slew, slough], slewed, slewing,
in multiple languages.  As a result, extremely common words in

slue -> [slough]

the count evenly between all the possible headwords.  This assumes
extracted at random from my own lists. This is a use of 12dicts of which I

chose to ignore capitalization.  This was necessary - as
12dicts.  I will repeat that request now.  I ha
delighted to see the interest in these lists for projects ranging from
have been added, marked with a + if they would not have otherwise been
 These occur when a present tense form or a -ness word has a
fewer words than 2of12inf.txt.

links to
CAAPR and the "putt" headword?  Since there is no way of knowing, when I
procedure purporting to greater accuracy.

presented in frequency order.  The reason is that I think
is derived primarily from the 12dicts 6of12 list.  ABCD, Alan's

additional restrictions on the use of these files beyond those imposed
here, such as how closely "slavish" is related to "slave", or
"hurrah" (but mere synonyms like "furze" and "gorse" remain
available for exactly that reason.  I don't know whether there are


language does not remain static, and the 2007 editions of the 12dicts
further changes, except perhaps for minor error corrections.  However,
some of this is explained by the technique of setting up many
Finally, British forms of words in
their spellings.

Let me explore here some of the reasons for not taking the
least surprise by treating such pairs as independent.

"price", "Price" and "PRICE" were counted separately.)  The
separately. "wind" the noun and "wind" the verb are considered as a

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