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Bosnia to be considered unusual.)  It is interesting to note that
judgment. I will confess to occasionally overriding the source
same concept, for instance, removing cable television as a
(about which I offer many harsh criticisms elsewhere in this document).
squeamish about them. These words are very widely known indeed;
of the dictionaries listing it) to be non-American usage. It
this reason, the set of such words in the 5desk list is somewhat
however, if they are entirely lower-case and alphabetic, they are
invisible to native speakers. Examples are thank you, good
I still feel it reasonable to expect no more than 1 or 2 e
that we never think of them. This has led to the 12dicts lists,

of words one is likely to encounter rather than the complete jargon of


inconsistently. For instance, the 2of12 list contains both
significantly higher error rate than the other lists, for re
exercise personal judgment frequently in creating it, emphasizes a

  • was augmented by words from five minor sources, including a "vocabulary
    prefixes, suffixes, phrases, hyphenated words, contractions and most
    arbitrary for the term to make any sense. (I will note that the li
    to represent a "core English" vocabulary. (Even the 5des
    on the subject of creating PGP passphrases using randomly
    least 2 of the source dictionaries.

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