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words were added (about 3 % of the total).  These are all words w

  • The 6of12 and 2of12 lists

    the 12dicts lists have now fulfilled their basic purpose.
    compiled by an American. If my sources contained any glaring errors
    the two to produce a slightly larger list including a number of words
    it will probably be released separately from 12dicts itself, as
    12dicts lists. It was compiled from 3 small ESL dictionaries, using
  • The 12dicts lists have been rigorously checked f

    abbreviations are all excluded. One important difference between
    Similarly added were the omitted holidays Thanksgiving and
    at least 2 of the source dictionaries.
    not recommend combining them, except as noted below.
    irregular, or separately defined. Variant and non-American spellings
    from the extremely common to the mildly esoteric. I would like to
    which it resembles in terms of the sorts of words included.
    ways from most of the other free word lists you can download.
    like spell checking or word games than the 6of12 list. (Honesty
    if they are not wanted. That left the issue of how to establish
    as this class of names is as ephemeral and transitory as teenage s
    authority than the other classic 12dicts lists. It also probably has a
    listed in at least one of the source dictionaries.
    dictionaries of larger size. Whether I will ever get the time for a
    phrases. The other list, the 2of12 list, is more inclusive in that it
    about 41,000 words. It is perhaps more suitable for use in areas
    needed to derive the list directly from the source dictionaries.
    the picture (except for my addition of signature words). This has
    English (three from British publishers). The smallest of them contains
    list and, even if it had been complete at the time I started my search
    and so I required citation in over a third of the dictionaries for
    back seat.
    as lugubrious were not removed, despite clearly not being
    misspellings and typos, sometimes approaching gibberish. (I
    responsibility, and should not be blamed on Kevin, AGID, or even on
    discussed below.
    I still feel it reasonable to expect no more than 1 or 2 errors
    they are unwanted.
    Of course, due to my original purpose in seeking out common short
    In this version of 12dicts, all of them are dictionaries of American
    part of any "core vocabulary".)
    approach was likely to get me what I was looking for, and that
    which was found in a purported Scrabble word list, is a typo
    may produce large scores. For this reason, the official Scrabble
    accuracy is a very demanding goal, seldom actually achieved, bu
    unusual plurals (marked with a "%") from the 2of12inf list in the
    from other sources. It would perhaps be appropria
    different in the two lists, and I would recommend that the duplicates
    numerous. Probably more than 10 % of the candidate words were added
    rules for the kinds of words included, one could easily combine
    authority than the other classic 12dicts lists. It also probably ha
    /usr/dict/words, this is still a short word list, striving for inclusion
    to list such words as nouns (or occasionally verbs, adverbs, etc.),
    The sorts of words admitted are the same sorts that /usr/dict/words

    emacs, inode or lvalue.)
    inclusion of monetary units. A side-effect was the elimination
    the dependency on the Moby lists.
    broadminded and broad-mindedness. This
    judgment. I will confess to occasionally overriding the source

    How 12dicts came to be

    As may be seen by inspecting the table of file characteristics, the
    beer. Or that includes saxophone but not
    information is sparse and inconsistent in most dictionaries of any
    missing wanda, marge, polly and sid).
    listings; all qualifying words from each of the sources were included.
    from public-domain sources, notably Moby Words and WordNet. (See the

    incoherent, including SPCA but not PETA,
    and therefore not "infected" by Moby Words.
    the suffix character "+", and eliminated if desired.
    and esoterica.
    other sources.
    am personally very annoyed when inflected forms appear at random.
    plural of any noun whatsoever is reasonable.
    and unselfconscious.)
    some form in one of the sources, and removed no words present in two
    2of12inf list. In particular, inflections are included for all words,

    6of12 list word selection

    which met the criteria for inclusion. Examples of some of the sorts
    as described in agid.txt.) Feel free to send comments, suggestions,
    to represent a "core English" vocabulary. (Even the 5desk list itself
    more accepted, this spelling and this spelling only is listed. If all
    on countability, which was adequate to decide the status of most of
    order to preserve continuity.
    significantly higher error rate than the other lists, for reasons
    release into the public domain. However, I do not impose any additional
    accuracy is a very demanding goal, seldom actually achieved, but
    The one-time household words Kool, Ovaltine, Philco and
    as everyday English. (Beware any list which includes bitblt,
    All of these changes were quite subjective in nature, and quite
    are many, from the Internet. I was not impressed by the overall

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