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instance, I chose not to mark the word hatreds as an
every possible scientific, artistic or occult endeavor.
who am practically sports-blind, noticed this deficiency, it must
In this version of 12dicts, all of them are dictionaries of American
which they abbreviate. While there is a trend in modern dictionaries
All but two of them were published in the last seven years.
was augmented by words from five minor sources, including a "vocabulary
American English. I've received a few expressions of interest in a
value finally stabilized as 12. The purpose of the project was to create a
proportion of unfamiliar and unusual words than the other classic
chess, fairness, wisdom, aluminum, training, materialism
larger sources, but which seemed appropriate to add. These words
-er/or) which was not defined in a separate entry.
seventeenth, I must simply regard as a mystery.) These
inflections were judgment calls, as were the choices of which
vocabulary as the 6of12 list is for American English. (Or
as lugubrious were not removed, despite clearly not being
practical. The reason for this has to do with the nature of these
is too large for that purpose.)
multiword phrases, proper names and abbreviations. This list contains
In particular, Moby Words is notoriously unreliable, and I fin
"signature words", are discussed below. All of these words are

This release

randomly chosen personal names (uncapitalized, of course, and
were frequently of the sort added to the 6of12 list as signature
uncommon spellings (thiamine, yuppy), and obscure geogr
giving additional information about the associated word. The
and verb forms. Several of these sources were Scrabble(r)-related,

Several of the source dictionaries include listings for obscure
considered to have plurals. The 2of4brif list differs in both of
list and, even if it had been complete at the time I started my search
It includes quite esoteric words (ogee, pleonastic), very
by British publishers. To this American, they are more British
part of any "core vocabulary".)
infinitives. Either policy is fine, and has its advantages. I

2of12inf list. In particular, inflections are included for all words,
the inclusion of these words.
few cases, the spelling chosen for words with multiple spellings is

the classic lists are limited to error corrections.
dictionaries and 4 "desk dictionaries". The dictionaries chosen
vocabulary as the 6of12 list is for American English. (Or, alternately,
edits were so few, and so clearly harmless, that I have not marked them.
countability. Six of my source dictionaries included information
be removed. (I'll be happy to provide a list of the duplicates if
words of amazing obscurity (bhoy, kombu). I decided I
that we never think of them. This has led to the 12dicts lis
one clearly concerned with quality, and in being oriented towards
/usr/dict/words, it is frequently inconsistent and arbitrary, but I
unlikely to need to talk about this organ in the pl
compiled by an American. If my sources contained any glaring errors
inquiries and/or large sums of money to me at
and perpetuated them in the list. The fact that two citati
listed in at least one of the source dictionaries.
one of the 12dicts source dictionaries. This proved not to be
on the grounds that it has been used in too many news stories from
less inclusive in that it excludes items of various sorts, including
information is sparse and inconsistent in most dictionaries of any
abbreviations, contractions, hyphenated words and single-letter
that we never think of them. This has led to the 12dicts lists,
of lexicographers believe are relevant to people learning English,

massive lists like Mendel Cooper's ENABLE.

  • international to British readers. It is interesting to note that,
    least 2 of the source dictionaries.
    although there were only a third as many sources for this l
    night, uh-huh, of course and gesundheit.
    Of course, due to my original purpose in seeking out common short
    to represent a "core English" vocabulary. (Even the 5desk


    useful as a compromise between basic lists such as 3esl, and truly
    words, as well as prefixes and suffixes.
    on the subject of creating PGP passphrases using randomly selected
    a user who wants a larger, more international list than ei
    no single form is so listed. In this case, if one spelling is clearly
    this sort, I therefore needed to obtain their inflections from other
    with and without hyphenation) in 6 or more dictionaries, even though
    pretty closely. At the very least, this phenomenon giv
    with meanings of their own, such as comforting and
    in the following ways:
    In the end, I was unable to resolve this dilemma, and adopted a
    (Actually, the dependency of the 2of12inf list on AGID prevents its
    compiled by an American. If my sources contained any glaring err
    anything larger than the 5desk list will be too large to even pretend
    authority than the other classic 12dicts lists. It also probably has a
    rules for the kinds of words included, one could easily combine
    original "classic" lists. Conceptually,
    unmentioned. Nevertheless, the expression of blasphemy,
    as described in agid.txt.) Feel free to send comments, suggestions,
    English words.
    by British publishers. To this American, they are more British than
    the dependency on the Moby lists.
    say that they are error-free, merely that enough care has been taken that errors
    as everyday English. (Beware any list which includes bitblt,

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