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listings; all qualifying words from each of the sources were included.
numerous. Probably more than 10 % of the candidate words were added
than the other 12dicts lists. It is not altogether clear that this
games, where words such as zeals and anthraxes
one clearly concerned with quality, and in being oriented towards
The difficulties listed above, and the fact that I was forced to
link), which was close to unique in having an active caretake
(Actually, the dependency of the 2of12inf list on AGID prevents its
least 2 of the source dictionaries.
requirements on its use beyond those imposed by AGID and its sources,
The reasons a word might be marked with the = annotation are:
project could be of interest).
for more information on the antecedents of AGID.) 2of12inf was created

it will probably be released separately from 12dicts itself, as
on the grounds that it has been used in too many news stories from
Signature words from the other lists, plus their inflections, were
whose omission from 6of12 is rather surprising. Be warned that in a
interesting, follow elements. I did this only for words which were not present in the
the classic lists are limited to error corrections.

  • which was extracted from /usr/dict/words on some UNIX system, seemed
    anything larger than the 5desk list will be too large to even pretend
    plural of any noun whatsoever is reasonable.
    (for which, follow
    their vocabulary, while others include only singulars and

    infamous f-word is simply discredited thereby. Some may feel that
    emacs, inode or lvalue.)
    requirements for inclusion. In the case of the 6of12 list, 1024
    Christmas Eve.
    exclude hyphenated words or contractions. If a word occurs in
    arbitrary for the term to make any sense. (I will note that the list
    say that they are error-free, merely that enough care has been taken that errors
    more accepted, this spelling and this spelling only is listed. If all
    words, as well as some inflections that often function as words
    British English list. The result is the 2of4brif list. This list
    sources. Obviously, the decisions on when to include additional
    about 75,000 entries, many of which appear in only a single dictionary.)
    12 source dictionaries, and for this reason it has, I feel, less
    to represent a "core English" vocabulary. (Even the 5desk list itself
    information, which was mostly disjoint from the sources for plurals

    n-dicts project came to be (though I assume that anyone who bothers
    it includes plurals for words which are not normally
    between countable and uncountable nouns is so ill-defined, served as
    and TiVo taking their place on the tongues of the trendy.

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