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release into the public domain.  However, I do not impose any additional

=Roughly, this indicates a "second class" word, as described
words were added (about 3 % of the total). These are all words which,
emacs, inode or lvalue.)
pretty closely. At the very least, this phenomenon gives me hope that
this sort, I therefore needed to obtain their inflections from other
no single form is so listed. In this case, if one spelling is clearly
  • The 12dicts lists have been rigorously checked for errors. (This is not to
    Working on my own lists has helped me understand that 100 %
    for a list of common words, it would not have been what I wanted for
    to download this archive must already have some idea that such a

    also excludes secondary spellings which are mentioned by fewer
    appear in 6 or more of the source dictionaries.
    project this large remains to be seen. If it ever comes to pass,
    is a bad thing.
    is too large for that purpose.)
    coffee is ordinarily uncountable, but not when ordering in a
    vocabulary as the 6of12 list is for American English. (Or, alternately,
    fundamental difference between this list and the other cla
    exclude hyphenated words or contractions. If a word occurs in
    words, I found this especially annoying.

      a user who wants a larger, more international list than either co
      most of the plurals I added from auxiliary sources were of words
      who am practically sports-blind, noticed this deficiency, it must

      the classic lists are limited to error corrections.
      file agid.txt in the 12dicts archive, which is a copy of the AGID "readme",
      it includes plurals for words which are not normally
      the inclusion of these words.
      represented, and adding plurals for ordinal numbers. (Why
      presume, for instance, that the bizarre string nondploe,
      dictionaries. The starting point was a subset of Kevin Atkinso
      with the AGID list, and for encouraging me to add the inflections. Of
      which they abbreviate. While there is a trend in modern dictionaries
      they are separately defined, or irregular.
      of "uncountable" nouns and their plurals. Some English dictionaries,
      The 2of12inf list contains all non-excluded words which appear in
      sources. Obviously, the decisions on when to include a
      12dicts lists, and to add inflections which AGID failed to identify.
      which I hope have managed to avoid the flaws recited above.
      Failure to respect capitalization.
      is that it contains those words and phrases which a (seeming) majority
      AGID list, a list of words, parts of speech and inflections derived
      suffix characters are used to mark words with certain characterist

      The 6of12 and 2of12 lists

      The word is an inflection which was defined in the same
      this sort, I therefore needed to obtain their infl
      no single form is so listed. In this case, if one spelling is cle
      It differs from previous versions by containing three additional lists
      In the end, I was unable to resolve this dilemma, and adopted a
      I was unable to regard such words as part of the English "core vocabulary",
      divergent styles.
      all words contained in both of the others. This list was then
      were of two sorts:

    • sources. Obviously, the decisions on when to include additional
      different in the two lists, and I would recommend that the duplicates
      builder" and a collection of proper names. The list excludes
      abbreviations, as well as prefixes and suffixes. It does not

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